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She Believed-She Could-So She Did!

I Believe I can Fly

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Are you ready to press play on your travel goals and stop pressing pause waiting for others to join you on trips?

Do you want to learn the insider tips & tricks to the travel industry?

Do you want to fulfill all your travel fantasies without breaking your budget?

Do you want to learn the do’s and don’ts to selecting the perfect travel buddy?

the travelogist

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I knew from a young age that I wanted to travel and see the world. Joining the military was the initial gateway to make my dream of traveling the world come true. The past twenty years I have found success in the defense industry, but I was cognizant that I was not operating in my passion and God given gifts. I decided that not doing so was no longer acceptable.

I wanted to take my 20+ years of travel experience having been to over 30 countries and counting and help other woman to live out her travel dreams. All my mishaps, lessons learned, and tribal knowledge I will pass on to you so you can fulfill your travel goals.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

The world is waiting for you!!

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My Recent Destinations

Program Overview


What Will You Get?

Overview of STEP enrollment program and how to enroll

  • Benefits and purpose of STEP program

Learn Mind Set Principles

  • Practical Steps To Overcome Fear

  • How to set SMART Goals

  • How to perform Vision Casting

Learn Tips & Tricks to the Travel Industry

  • Safety Tips to be mindful of while traveling

  • Budget Planning Checklist

  • Ultimate Packing List

  • Travel Group Lists

  • Excursion Tips

  • Travel Partner Checklist

  • How to keep a Travel Journal

International Travel Guidance

  • Travel Insurance what to look for and why its pertinent

  • How to apply for Official Documents (Passport, visas)

  • Plus much more!!

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